Thursday, June 09, 2005

Still Wonky, But Being Blocked Into Submission

I finished the Lace Trim Bolero last night! Thank you to all the commenters who supported me in my 'tough love' approach to this project. I don't know if it was my method of sewing on the trim or if I made the bolero too big, but the back was being all funky and 'winging out'. That's the only way I can describe it. Needless to say, I threw it in the sink, washed it and it's now blocking flat. I hope that when I get home, she's happy to see me and not being so stubborn. I guess I'm glad I made it out of the Microspun, if I used something more expensive or interesting, I might have been upset. It only used 3 balls [plus a teeny bit of the 4th]. Wonky or not, I'm still going to wear the hell out it. I need to get my $10 worth!

Anywho, pictures to come!

Now comes the usual question:

Of course, the Mermaid Mesh [hereby christened Ariel, my favorite mermaid]. I cast on this morning, completed the first row, and screwed up on the second! Unbelievable! She's sitting in my bag right now...calling me...'Shhh...Ariel, I'm pretending to work! It will be obvious I'm not if I pull you out of your bag and try to correct your mistakes right now. Give me an hour, we'll go elsewhere and you'll be all pretty again!'

I also saw Tara's fabulous Tivoli T this morning and am smitten! Smitten I tell you, SMITTEN! I think I have some yarn somewhere that shall become this beautiful T. You can download the pattern from Grumperina's blog. It's pretty adaptable, so I'm damn excited to get this started too. God loves a summer tank! Did you know that? I'll also probably go through my patterns and books and see what yarn [if any] I have in the stash-ette that can make itself useful.

And Kiri will get some love this weekend. promise.