Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hot Off the Presses!

I'm not in the new PT Anderson movie.
I do, however, have some good news to report!

I'm halfway through my 8 hour shift and am almost free for summer!
This, of course, means I need to find employment over summertime. If anyone has a lead on a really great paying job that can utilize my ability to waste vast quantities of time, please leave me a comment.

I have acting class tonight!
Which means I can't attend the WeHo SNB, but I'll be enriching my artistic soul. Seems like a worthwhile tradeoff. Besides, I want to kick ass in my scene tonight. I've been feeling fairly mediocre and need to get in the game.

I get to hang with Smoochy tomorrow!
Smoochy and I need some 'face time', so we're going to hang tomorrow...the beginning of my summer vacation from the Children of America. We're gonna visit grammy; knit [I'll get to meet this Shine yarn I've been hearing so much about]; go by the yarn mecca, Velona; talk about sewing; and find some bamboo circular needles that won't make the TSA believe that we are terrorists hell bent on knitting.

I've got a golden ticket!
Ok, it's not golden, but I did get my plane ticket to San Antonio, Texas for the family reunion. I was refusing to pay $300+ for a plane ticket to San Antonio TEXAS when I could play my card right and go to New York, NEW YORK for $200. Well the waiting game I played paid off and I purchased my ticket...for $225! Smoochy and I will be interested if anyone has leads on yarn stores in the Riverwalk area. Not that we would give up hanging with the family so that we could go look at yarn or anything like that.

Just a few hours left, I've got to wrap up all my projects so I can leave here with a clean slate.