Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Plugging away

Inspiration is still running high in the House of Superstarra.

Smoochy came by Sunday afternoon and we discussed those purses, handle solutions and ribbon options. During the second half of 13 Going On 30, I casted on with some lovely burnt orange wool/cashmere [that was gifted by my secret pal] and about 3 hours later, I had a rectangle with a large cable down the middle. I adapted the look a little because I was afraid that two cables would take up too much precious yarn. 70 yards is just not enough! I also went through the stash and pulled any spare yarn, ribbon or fabric that I could use to knit up a few others. OH BOY!

Still riding on my purse obsession, yesterday I went to Michael's Santa Monica and found some wooden dowels that will fit the handle bill. They're precut so I just need to sand and either whittle the ends or find some cute finials for the ends [one person who posted on the Knittyboard had used finials for the end and it was so cute! I'm so copying that idea!].

Purse progress pictures promptly posted!
say that 3 times fast

The Vast Rolling Hills of Orangina

Speaking of progress...I've been working on Orangina very diligently. I've got about 10" to the piece I'm working on...I would be farther along if I would stop screwing it up. I'm getting faster at the pattern and better at correcting my mistakes, so I'm hoping the second half will take half the time. One can dream, can't she?

Also, in super deal news, in case anyone is wanting 16" Clover bamboo needles in size 11 or 13 [for all those chunky knit hats you'll be making for winter], Michael's has them for $5 a pair. Go forth and shop!