Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ok, here it is...and a few other things to boot!

I didn't make this.
After the wonky Lace Trim Bolero refused to fulfill all my shrugish dreams, I went looking for shrug contentment elsewhere. Of course, this led me to The Gap, where I found this little cotton/mohair gem. I LOVE IT! I think that I told myself no more pink [because it seems within the last year or so the pink in my wardrobe has risen exponentially], but it was the only color they had, and at $10, I couldn't pass it up. Nor could I make it for such an inexpensive price. Nor could I have the instant gratification that this provided me. So there!

Since I love the aforementioned shrugish Gap sweater so much, I will be making the FABULOUS Hot Lava from this yarn. Lamb's Pride Bulky in Deep Pine. Of course I want to call it something other than 'Hot Lava', since it's going to be green. I asked Smoochy, 'what's hot and green?'. She said, in true Smoochy style, 'You, in your new sweater! Do I win a prize?'
Needless to say, all I could do was laugh. I love my sister. Is it really too hot to knit up some bulky wool yarn? It's only 80-ish! I need to make my fall winter shrug for when the weather turns cold! Oh, I can't wait! Won't it be so cute?!?!?

There's a new bitch in Superstarra-ville, and her name is Singer 478, babeee!!! I've been complaining, wishing, bitching and moaning that I wanted a sewing machine. Mostly since I'm on the cable purse kick and I don't want to handsew the linings. Well, like manna from the sky, I found a sewing machine! It works and it's all mine!!! [Insert evil laughter] Now Smoochy and I can finally have our 'Pillow Party' that we've been planning for the past two years. Yeah, getting right on that. After I make a few more cable purses and maybe a skirt or two...

With new sewing machine in hand, I was able in install the lining into my first cable purse! It's about 7" wide and 5" deep. I only had 70 yards of this lovely, soft wool/cashmere blend, which is unfortunate, because I would have loved to have made it much bigger. I handsewed the lining in, because it looked a little funky machine sewed in place. I couldn't add the dowels, because they were way too long. I'm going over to the Evil Empire [Wal-Mart] after work to see if I can find a zipper instead so that I can use it for a make-up purse or little catch-all.

I did realize a modification to include for next time...I will make a yarn over before and after the cable and rib sections so that the ribbon has a hole to pass through. Although this purse isn't exactly what I had in mind when I started, I'm happy with the way it came out. Besides, I'm still perfecting it, so it's not too bad for a first attempt, right?