Sunday, June 05, 2005

Seemingly Seamy Weekend!

Well I'm glad to report I've made progress! Ah, nothing like clearing out the knitting roster and finishing up some projects to ease one's mind.

Today is Christie's:
Look at me! I'm a Finisher! Day!!!

Finished! Rebecca Chevron Tank
Well it's all done. The sad thing is, it didn't even take that long to complete. I'm pretty happy with the finished project. I'm excited to wear it [preferrable once I lose the 5 pounds I gained on tour] and it's a fairly quick knit [when you don't make mistakes that cause you to frog and reknit the front and back]. Binding off loosely is important, as I had bound off too tightly and that pulled the straps toward the center. I would definitely make another...hmmm...another...

Chevron Tank On!
Well, here it is on. Um...honestly, my boobs are not that big in real life. It's a trick mirror. Don't they look huge? Maybe it's just me. Ugh, I hate when I can see my belly button divet through my shirt. Gross. I guess I'll be popping that Yoga DVD and cranking out some sit-ups in next week. Anyway, enough of my 'bad body' self image. I really like the way the bottom of this tank falls, and I think that it make my waist look smaller. Yippeee!!! Overall, a good project. I've finally used up the Recycled Silk and Cashmere!

Finished - Kinda! IK Fall 2004 Airy Cardigan
Another project I'm happy with. I made the sleeve flounce a little bit longer and I think it turned out well. I do need to sew some buttons on, but that requires getting to the store to purchase them, so that's my only hold up. It could use a light blocking just to help some odd puckering and to help it fall evenly.

Airy On!
Here it is, with me as teen Superstarra Model. Cute, huh? It'll be great right now for June Gloom and even better in Fall when it gets a little cooler. I love the color and can't wait to wear it! The yarn is a little pokey to me, but this is my first foray into mohair, so I guess I'll either have to get used to it or wear a 3/4 sleeve top underneath.

Almost, but not quite SnB Nation Lil Devil Pants
I don't know how I feel about these. Somehow the crotch pulls funky, so I'm wondering if I've screwed up. I'll have Smoochy eye ball it...although I'd hate to have to reseam it. Grrr!!! It's a gift, so it should fit the child nicely, right? Maybe a little blocking will help it out. I still need to make the drawstring casing [I know someone has tips and tricks for hems on their blog, I just need to find it] and decide if I'm going to hem the legs or leave them a roll. I kinda like the roll, but I'm not decided one way or another. I also need to attach the tail, but that can wait until I make sure the crotchy is correct.

Lil Devil Tail
I think this is my favorite thing! Lil Devil Tail! Compared to the picture in the book, mine looks more devilish and pointy, and less like an upside down heart. YIPEEE!!!!

Kiri is still hanging out and I'm going to try to finish the Lace Trim Bolero Trim this week and get that finished up.

Added Monday:
I decided to wear my Airy Cardi today...I LOVE IT! It's not scratchy, it's keeping me comfortable in the arctic climate that is the office. The best part is, it matches my cool ass Pumas! Yeah!