Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I'm having issues with my Lace Trim Bolero. I made a good length of trim, and last night I was attempting to sew it on...this is where the trouble began. First off, I have some more trim knitting to do..as it isn't nearly long enough. Secondly, it's all wonky [isn't that a fun word?] and won't lay [lie, lye?] right. It's flipping up and it made me so GRrrRRRrRR that I pulled it out and tried again. The second attempt was resulted in a whole 'nother wonk-ifity...I was so GRrrRRRrRR that I threw it down behind some bags and went to bed. Will it's wonk-ability block out? Also, I put a bit of iron to my Microspun and now it's all flattened out. Ugh. I'm ready for this to be over already.

Since I finished a couple of projects [thanks for all the nice things y'all've said], I think that I'm going to start in on the Mermaid Mesh.
The whole tunic thing is very 'in' right now and I've had this cotton lying [lieing, ling?] around, so it's time that I get rid of it.

I don't think that I will make it quite that long, and I think that I won't seam it to the bottom, but leave little vents. Is that the right term?

I'll also maybe decide on another tank for the impending heat that is on it's way.

Lastly, do you think it would be egotistical and narcissistic of me to make a knitted item with my face on it? This kick ass site will take any picture and wonk-ify into a chart. Give it a try...you'll be asking yourself, 'how cool is that?'

And BTW, I wouldn't EVAH make a knitted item with my face in it. Would it be egotistical though? Really?