Thursday, July 28, 2005

New Button to Match My New Orangina!

Yes, Citizens and Visitors to Superstarra-ville, it's done.
Yes, you've heard it all before...the pattern is fun, the lace is easy and very pretty and that Glampyre Girl is genius. Working the size 3 needles is a pain. For me, I like the fact that the ribbing isn't clinging too tightly to the 'chub'. I think that I should have added another inch or two of the lace section, because the neck is pulling rather than 'boating'. I guess that I could frog the ribbing and add the extra length, but NAH! Overall, I'm happy with it. I will probably revisit this pattern, and take into account what I've learned from this Orange Orangina.
Aren't my $9 Gap khakis cute?

A finished object means today was New Project Day!
New yarn is out of the question. Sad, but true. I have enough yarn in the stash that needs to be worked with anyway. So this morning, I grabbed a ball of the recycled black silk yarn and decided to just knit it up, check the gauge and find a project that would work with it [rather than finding the pattern and trying to make the yarn fit that gauge, then getting frustrated and upset because no matter how I try, dk will never translate to chunky]. I was pretty happy with gauge of the [say it with me now] Addi size 3's. Of course. I guess since I need to get my Addi money's worth, right? Besides, I'll knit faster, it says right there on the package. I looked through the wish file stack of patterns and came up with Rowan's Hobo from Mag #37. My knitted gauge is finer, but I don't mind calculating the difference. My only reason to pause is a black silk tank top? Impractical or sexy and cool? I was also considering the Red Wine Tank from the Rebecca Mag, but am concerned about the boobage. It's a beautiful tank, but the back is so low cut that a bra [even a strapless one is out of the question. Maybe I'll have enough to do both, since I recycled this yarn from an extra large sweater. Wishful thinking.

As far as my other bit of excitement... Jessica, of Rose-Kim Knits made me my very own animated Superstarra-ville button. I'm going to have to bestow her the key to the city for making it and then dealing with my 50 emails before I realized it was animated and not static, there was no magic formula for working it and finally to express my thanks. Maybe instead we'll just have an official Rose-Kim Knits Day!

Please admire, take, save, and display my button proudly. You'll be cooler because you did.