Sunday, July 24, 2005

Orangina, Orangina

Oh Lordy, I'm almost done with Miss Orangina. I'm into the last two inches, which was Streets and YO's Diana's sticking point. When she first posted about it I was like '2 inches?!?! C'mon, it's not that much'. I even commented that she could get it done and over with! Oh, silly girl.

I apologize at this moment for my grand hubris.

OH!!! THOSE LAST TWO INCHES OF 2x2 RIBBING ON SIZE 3 NEEDLES. I'm in ribbing hell, but I'm going to push through and finish this thing, hopefully tomorrow. I am beyond ready to move on. That being said...what is my next project, you ask?

God, I wish I knew! Time to start evaluating the yarn stashette and seeing what yarn will work with what pattern...probably another tank...or maybe a purse? So hard to decide, isn't it?