Saturday, July 16, 2005

Star Sightings and Yarn Enhancements...

When I was in San Antonio, I bought two little Mexican Tin Nichos frames for friends. The ones I bought are similar to the heart and the hand. My plan was to paint them up all cute and put a picture of me and said friend in them. I didn't know what kind of paint I'm 'supposed' to use, but there is acrylic paint readily available, so regardless, I am going to use that. I did some research and found that I need to primer the tin before slapping my happy bright colors on them.

So begins my Adventures in LA.

I hopped the bus and headed over to The Art Store on La Brea Blvd. It's right across from the Suss Designs store, so you betcha it was kill two birds with one stone...or two adventures with one Metro Day Pass. On my way down Beverly Blvd to The Art Store, I passed a little restaurant and guess who was sitting there? Cary Elwes! Yes, Westley from The Princess Bride! He's a cutie! I was wondering who he was eating with and guess what? It was Illeana Douglas! I totally dig her...she just did a guest star on 6 Feet Under...she's a talented actress. I love star sightings!

They didn't have what I wanted at The Art Store, but they did have what I didn't need at Suss. Miss Suss Cousins herself asked if I needed help, but I was just looking around. Of course, I found some Suss Cotton Yarn...190-ish yards for $3 a hank. The color is called chocolate, but it's more of a red than a brown. The color between the 8 hanks was not consistent, so I called Smoochy, my textiles guru, and she assured me that I could remove the color and redye. What to make? I'm going to give it a little time, as I still have many a project on my plate at the moment.

On my way home, I stopped by The WeHo Target, and found not only the metal primer paint, but a $4 reversable dress! God love Target! God bless Target!

I'm home now, tired from my Adventures in LA. I'm going to work on my frames and maybe some knitting...once it cools down.

BTW: I ran out of yarn for Chili Verde/Hot Lava. I knitted until I couldn't knit no more and tried it on. It's cute, and on a plus side, the sleeves are entirely too long. I've frogged back the bolero portion a bit [since I screwed up on a set of increases and it was buggin' me] and am reworking it. I'm also going to frog the sleeve cuff back to 10 or 12 rows [rather than 20] and hopefully that will make up the difference. That made no sense, but oh well, just nod and say, 'cool, good idea, Christie!' I think it will be cool enough around 1 am for me to work on Chili Verde...I'm serious.