Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Stars At Night, Are Big And Bright...

Well, I'm getting ready for the family reunion. San Antonio Texas, here I come! I'm pretty excited to get together with all of them and to get out of California and see something new and exciting. I'm all packed up...and you know what I mean by that!
My knitting projects are ready to go!

Since I'm concerned about some TSA bastard confiscating my size 2 Addi Turbos, Orangina is flying in the cheap seats...she's getting checked y'all! So that means I need something to knit on the plane and in the airport, right? Well to fill the void, I started Hot Lava [hereby christened Chile Verde] in the hot & humid weather no-no, Lamb's Pride Bulky [y'know it's from real sheep when you find bits of grass and hay in that there yarn!]. Yeah, yeah, I know, it'll be a felted shrug by the time I get home. What if I promise to work on it only on the plane and in AC climates?

Anyways, Hot Lava is knit in the round and since the 16" bamboos I just procured from Michael's wouldn't do, I went on double pointed needle search. I stopped by my LYS expecting to purchase some bamboo needles. To my surprise, the nice sales girl handed me some Bryspun needles. I balked a little, because I'm not a huge fan of los plasticos. She said they were $7, I said, 'OKAY!' I got them home, casted on and I will now proclaim to all...ME GUSTA LOS PLASTICOS!!! I'm totally sold on these needles. They're awesome! Not too grippy, the tips are tapered so sliding them into the next stitch is so easy! Grumperina was tying a pair of the circulars into knots just recently, and really, they're just as good as she said they were...and so inexpensive! I'm hoping the Knit Cafe will get some circulars much so I sent them an e-mail telling them that they're available! The citizen of Superstarra-ville has spoken [all one of us...two if you included Smoochy] and we want our Bryspun least I do!

Speaking of Smoochy, thank you to everyone who commented about her lovely sweater and necklace! And thanks to Delia for her advice with Chile Verde.

Be safe and Superstarra-ville will be open for business first thing Tuesday morning.