Sunday, August 07, 2005

Updates On All Subjects

Birthday Recap Content
Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. I had a great time with some good friends who answered the call to celebrate with me. It was happy night for me. I'm still recovering from the good times and chocolate cake. MmmMMmMm...chocolate cake. My friends all got together to begift me with money to get new headshots taken. I'm going to save up a little more and excercise a lot more and be ready to go in a month or two. I still have one more day of partying with the parents...dinner at Todai. MmmMMm...Todai. Although I have been wanting some Moo Shu...Why are there only Thai restaurants in LA?

Acting Content
Speaking of acting [which was supposed to be to co-topic of this blog, but I seem to have to little to write about it], one of the USC student films I acted in has been accepted to two festivals. The first was up in Ontario, Canada which took place at the end of July [I didn't even know about it] and the second is the Oakland Black Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual, [Everybody Respect and Love Each Other] Film Fest. I'm hoping that I'll be able to go...I'm just afraid of actually seeing myself up there. How odd. Although I'm extremely proud of my work, I'm more afraid of how other folks will receive it. Hey, it's out there, there's nothing I can really do about it now, right?

Knitting Content
I'm still working away at Hobo. I'm through the waistline shaping and have a few more inches [or centimeters for those of you on the metric system] until I get to the armhole decreases. I'm really loving the delicate stitches and fabric that such small needles yield, I'm just hating the amount of time it's taking. Thank god it's just a freaking tank top.

Also, thanks to everyone who weighed in on the Apricot Jacket/Cable sweater query. I think that since I have so much of this grey yarn, I'm going to use it for the Cable Sweater. Cables take so much yarn, and since I have more than enough of the Winter Cotton, I'm going to give it a whirl. I also figured that I'll have a better chance of selling/trading the All Season Cotton [in the same grey color] I have for a nice pink or peach to make Apricot.

I've been seeing around blogger-dom that everyone has been receiving their copies of Vogue Knits and have been underwhelmed at best by it. There certainly aren't any obsessive 'I have to knit this now or I'll spontaneously combust' patterns, but the shawls are nice, I like the sideways knit turtleneck in the Stacey Charles Insert, and I'm kinda diggin the shape of the Cabled Jacket #13. Might have to consider that one.
What's up with me and the cables?