Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The End of Birthday Week in Superstarra-ville

We went to dinner with the parents last night. We didn't get to Todai, but I did get the Moo Shoo that I had been craving. Our waiter was a crack up and we all have a very pleasant time. I can hear the leftover Moo Shoo calling my name right now. YUM!

Here's how far along I am on Hobo. I reached the armholes last night and am about to begin the decrease / increase section for the racer-back. Since I calculated the changes to the pattern with my gauge measurements at 3am this morning, I think that I need to do a quick recheck before I proceed. That section should zip by and then I'll be back to casting on 130 for the front section.

This is just a little someting else I wanted to share. This is the first sweater I ever made. I bought the yarn on eBay [from a seller who puts candy in her packages as a thank you!] and since I didn't have enough of one color for the entire sweater, I did a little color blocking action. I couldn't figure out how to put the sleeves in, so Ma helped me out with that. Isn't she sweet? Anyway, I only wore it once or twice...the hood was so heavy that it pulled, it was just a little ackward and the boxy shape didn't work for me. Live and learn. So you know what happened next.

I frogged it. Yarn is a hot commodity around Superstarra-ville. I don't have a plan for it yet. I was thinking of the Loop D Zipper Sweater, but I haven't decided yet. Fall is still a little while off, right?