Friday, September 23, 2005

Knitting Fairies Really Do Exist!!!

Well, here is the finished back of Cable 41. Isn't it amazing how it went from a cabled band to a full back of a sweater in a matter of 24 hours? Those crazy knitting fairies.

I started on the front band and was a little confused. I love Rowan and Rebecca, but sometimes those Euro directions give me a bit of the run around. '...ending in reverse'? Does the mean I should be on the wrong side or that I should knit the reverse the pattern [or the back section]? As you all know, sometimes the littlest piece of a pattern misread or misinterpreted can mean chucking the whole damn thing in the frog pond...which I've already done once...mmm...twice.

Wish me luck...maybe the knitting fairies will revisit and just finish up the front for me too. *sigh*
Maybe if I leave a little piece of merino wool or cashmere out to attract them?