Sunday, September 18, 2005

Swatching Is Our Friend...

Items in picture may be are smaller than they appear.

Well, here is my 'swatch' for Rebecca Cable #41. I thought that gray wouldn't photograph well, but this Winter Cotton is very photogenic! First off, let me tell you, I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what the hell was going on. The pattern in the book is wrong, the correction is crazy and the errata online was less than helpful. I figured it out from...gasp with me...a chart [I thought it would be German to me, but Schei├če, I got it]! Thank god for it! I swatching away swimmingly when I looked down yesterday and realized that I had made a slight boo boo. I'll call it serendipity, because I like it. The pattern goes from cable row to purl row to cable row. I serendipitously added an extra knit and purl row between my cable rows. It helps in enlongating the cable rows [because the dumb model is pulling on the sweater in the picture and that's how I like it]. You can see that the bottom two twists are shorter the rest. I'll just mirror the mistake on the front...I mean I'll make a note for when I actually start the sweater.

If you are inspirted by my cable swatch, then sign up for the Fall Cable KAL! Official start date is Sept 22!

Also, I contacted a knitter who posted about wanting to share some vintage leaflets her grandmother had given her since she couldn't put them all to good use. I said I'd love any 60's-70's lacy dresses she may have. She wrote back saying she had two and would send them off...she didn't say she was from Scotland! They're so cool...I love them both [although a deep V-neck would be in order...especially on the dress]. So excited...definitly on the list...once the fall list is complete.

Lastly, I was thumbing through the Patternworks catalog that came to the chateau and I saw this fishy kit. So perfect for my mom! She's an avid fisher-woman and Smoochy and I have been gifting her with fish ornaments for her Christmas tree. Now if only we could get mom and dad to clean up their castle so we could up a damn tree for the holidaze...