Thursday, September 29, 2005

Nice and Easy/Nice and Rough...

...but I'm rolling with it.

Citizens, I've had a few knitting setbacks. I am, however, learning from my mistakes and making a plan to get these Knitting Fairies on my side 100%. Since they prefer cream in a saucer and surprises [what fairy doesn't love surprises?], I'm going to keep it hush hush for the moment.

In the mean time, keep yourself entertained with these two gems.

Mohair Dreams: Go give this young lady some love. I met her tonight at the LYS...she's super sweet and was very easy to talk to. I got her blog info, but not her name. Dumb me! She's new to blogging world, so check out some of her beautiful knits. She must be cool, she's planning on joining the Fall Cable KAL!

I love this ad for the LA County Faire. I've been wanting to blog about it, but words can't describe how brilliant this ad is.

Thanks to Rachael for posting the link for me to find!