Thursday, October 27, 2005

Change O' Plans

I thought that I would start some gloves. I was gifted with some great Wildfoote Sock yarn that I thought would be great for a pair of gloves, but after I knitted a small swatch the gauge is off and the resulting fabric is kinda stiff. If anyone has experience with this yarn that they'd love to share with me, I'd appreciate it.

So, with no new project to light my fire, I decided to cast on for Hopeful. I've been apart of the KAL from the beginning, but haven't make any progress, besides buying some Bryspuns. So far I've swatched [which was right on] and casted on all 181 stitches.

I'm planning on going through the stash this weekend to seek out yarn for gifts too. Wish me luck!

PS - Thanks to everyone who responded to Cable 41!