Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm A Hater

Ok. I'm disenchanted with everything I've started.

1. The glove swatch was off.
2. The yarn for Hopeful keeps catching on the Bryspun's join [I'm disillusioned with los plasticos] much so that I couldn't even make it through 3 rounds. I'll be picking up some Addi's soon.
3. I need to start on gifts anyway.

So that brings me to the start of a new project. Another Clapotis. Scarf width this time. I'm giving the Bryspuns a go at this project [second chance, los plasticos].

Beyond my disappointing knitting news, I just want to say that my job SUCKS ASS right now!!!! I'm having issues with a co-worker and it's making my work environment very unpleasant. It's unfortunate, because I love my Assistant Principal and the rest of his support staff. I was seriously considering not going to work tomorrow until I realized that tomorrow is our Halloween celebration [we're having wig day] and it's TGIF.
How can a girl miss free food?

The good thing to come out of today is that I was so over everything that my scene RAWKED in acting class tonight. Oh yes, it was brought...and it was damn good.

I need to shower all this disappointment off me. UGH!