Monday, November 21, 2005


Boy, do I have an exciting post for you.
Well, kinda exciting.
Unfortunately, I started typing and it really needs some visuals.
I don't feel I can sustain your interest with my feeble attempts at verbal description.
So, I'm going to take pictures tonight and post tomorrow.
I'll replace my craptastic verbal abilities with craptastic picture taking abilities
Can you wait until then?
Will you be bored enough to read my lame-ass post that I'm really building up waaaay too much and probably won't live up to it's expectations, but you'll probably be bored at your desks anyway and waiting for something to pop up on your Bloglines Notifier, so it really won't make a difference one way or another, since I could post a craptastic story and you'll still read it because you're waiting so patiently until 5 o'clock on Wednesday so you can get out of town or cook or bake and stuff yourself with yummy morsels anyway.
Pictures to come! Promise! Be Patient!
Craptastic pictures tomorrow! Don't hold your breath, I'd hate for you to pass out and bump your head and miss the excitement.