Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lace Leaf vs Los Plasticos

Time for some progress pictures of the Vogue Lace Leaf Scarf. We have an Up Close and Personal and a Perspective shot. Leaves, leaves leaves!!! Now you can see why I'm having such trouble with the thought of parting with it? Isn't it so pretty? The pattern is knit in two halves, then grafted together. I stopped after completing an entire ball, which equaled about 20 of the 24-ish inches that pattern instructs to knit. The yarn I'm using is Katia Austral, a 50% merino/50% acrylic. It was originally knit as the front and back of Hearten, but it's much better suited to this project.

Now on to the picture that references this post's title. Notice anything wrong here? No, I didn't have to frog back 18 inches, this is the second half of the scarf. Yes, I will agree that stopping before completing the row is wrong, but that's not what I was meaning. You've got it! Yes, in the struggle between Lace Leaf and Los Plasticos, my poor Bryspuns have lost their dignity and are currently screaming 'Uncle!' I've knit two other projects with Los Plasticos and have been unhappy with the yarn catching on the join, so maybe it was fate. Regardless, the good folks over at Bryspun are sending a replacement. I'm going to switch over to some size 6 Addis. I would continue on with Los Plasticos, but I don't want my stitches falling off the back end.

Lastly, Grumperina has made available the pattern for her Dad's Sharfik Cable Scarf. I'm planning on making one for my Assistant Principal using the left over yarn from Cable 41. Don't forget, the Cable KAL isn't just for Fall anymore! We'll be cabling through the holidays...and with temperatures in the high 80's here in So Cal, who can tell what season it is anyway?