Thursday, November 03, 2005


We all go through bouts of being lazy about blogging, right? I shouldn't feel neglectful of my bloggin' friends if I haven't read any posts in the last week or so, right? Everyone goes throught it right? Well, I guess it's my turn.

Regardless of how lazy I've been about blogging, I have been busy. I'm almost finished with Clapotis! Yeah! Also, the knitting class is coming along. We just had our second class and some of the girls are really getting it. We let them take their needles and yarn home with them and asked that they show us their progess on Friday. I'm sure some will have rat's nests, but I'm hoping I'll be surprised.

Lastly, I met Mos Def last night. SUCH A FREAKIN' COOL ASS DUDE! He was totally laid back and was chatting with us...well until the Ms. Pacman machine was free, then he checked out. But who can blame him? I'd ignore myself for a free game of Ms. Pacman.