Friday, November 11, 2005

Posting on the DL

I'm posting from the Apple Store at The Grove. For those of you not from LA, The Grove is a mall/shopping center. Might as well get a little done while Nygrah shops for computers.

I'm still making progress on the Vogue Lace Leaf Scarf, it's so pretty that I'm having trouble with the thought of parting with it once it's done. Of course, if I decide to keep it, I need to put it aside to work on later, as there are other things to be made...particularly those not intended for my own use. I guess if I'm still having the conversation as whether to give or not to give I can keep working on it, right? I thought so too.

This weekend is pretty exciting for me. The short film that I didn't get to see in Oakland is being shown in my own backyard. Los Angeles, California, babeee!!! I'll be attending a reception for the Short Filmmakers tonight [networking!], then tomorrow morning I have an acting workshop at the theatre where I study. Later in the day is the Short Film Fest. It's also showing Sunday afternoon....which is when I believe the bulk of my film's cast will be attending. I'm scared to see it, yet excited. I'm more excited to see how it's received by the audience.

They put us first in the line-up of about 6 films...does that mean we're the best [since you always start off with a bang?] or that we're just okay because we weren't saved for last? Regardless, it's awesome that we were chosen.

Have a great weekend everyone!

One last thing...since the Apple store has many computers and cameras to play with...this is the COOLEST freaking thing ever. Nygrah gave me this T-shirt last night...because she's sweet and knew that I'd love it...because I have an obsessive love of all things Laffy Taffy [except for the apple ones.]