Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wait...this is it?

Ok, maybe I built up the excitement a bit too much.

Craptastic post, meet craptastic pictures.

One of the therapists at my school asked me if I would knit a baby sweater, hat and booties for him to give as a baby shower gift. Normally, I would be not so enthused about knitting stuff for a baby that I don't know, but this particular guy is so cool and so sweet that I didn't think twice, I just said yes.
I picked up some Bernat Softee Baby in minty green [since we don't know the sex of said baby] and white from the Evil Empire [Wal-mart] and swatched with a few different size needles. From there I picked out a simple raglan sweater. Here's the back and one of the fronts. The acrylic yarn is very nice [for acrylic] and should hold up with washing and baby stuff'N'stuff. Baby knits are so quick! Thank god, cuz, I've got Christmas gifts to knit!
As for the hat, I didn't have a plan. I did want to use both the white and green to accent the solid green sweater, so I just cast on went with it. Although you can't see it here, I'm striping the white and green in the round. I think that I'll continue on this way and make the crown solid white. Should be cute. I think that I will also make a solid white hat too.
As for the booties...I attempted some toe-up socks, but I have no clue what I was doing. If anyone has a simple, cute pattern for booties or sox, I'd love a link.

Lastly: Out of the ashes of my size 5, 24" Bryspun circulars...another pair of size 5 24" Bryspun circulars. After the original pair was defeated by the Lace Leaf Scarf, I called Bryspun and related my tale of woe. They took my name and addy and told me they would send out a replacement, which came yesterday. To my surprise, they also threw in a set of size 3 double pointed needles. ME GUSTA LOS PLASTICOS OTRA VEZ! I guess I'll be putting those to use on some baby booties right about now.