Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Superstarra-ville Banks and Offices Will Be Closed Thursday Thru Sunday In Observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday

Well, citizens, it's the Day Before The Day of Thanks. I wish you all good times, good memories and safe travels [and lots of down time for creative exploits].

As for me, the time is winding down before I escape from LA. Nygrah and I are packing up and driving up north to hang with my big bro and his in-laws. It should be a good time, since to my sister-in-law's family, we are the considered the 'Cool In-Laws'. It's nice distinction. Well anyway, we're going to do a little visiting then make our way over to San Fran for a little site seeing and hanging out. She wants to drive down the coast on Highway 1 [PCH], but it takes 5 years! With all this time in the car, I should have more than enough time to get some serious knitting done. I'm planning on finishing up the baby items and working on a scarf or two. If I'm lucky maybe I'll find a yarn store to support my habit. The biggest reward is to just get out of town, so I'm more than thankful for that.