Thursday, December 08, 2005

Socks Shall Be Store Bought Only

Well, I finished up the baby sweater [buttons still pending] and the baby hat. The sweater was pretty straightforward, although there was a bit of confusion about whether to knit the ribbing with the larger or smaller needle and what exactly did the pattern mean by 'decrease'. I solved the raglan's riddle and am a better knitter for it. The darn thing is sewn up, and that's the way it's going to least while it's in my possession. As for the was a little less of a struggle. The striping is much cuter than I imagined! Serendipity strikes again!

On to the bootie part of the gift. Well, I tried knitting a top down bootie, but Lord, it was booty. As you can see, I seemed to have seamed up the sole wrong. I was following my instinct, but I guess that only works in acting. Since I was a little tired of the minty green-ness of this baby ensemble, I decided to claim 'second sock [bootie] -itis and call it quits. I was trying to find another top down pattern and low and behold there were some generic sock instructions on Knitty!
I decided to mirror the hat stripes and make the rest white. It was really pretty easy [for a non sock knitter even!] and quick. However [you knew that was coming, right?] I came to the toe grafting. Can someone please tell me where I went wrong? Maybe it's the size of the sock? Maybe I really can't read. Maybe I'm a square peg [sweater knitter] trying to fit into a round hole [sock knitter]. Maybe I should just make a green and white pom pom, sew it on the toe and call it a day [with a matching one for the hat. I'm a little embarrassed about my sock/bootie skills, so to make up for it I think that I might throw in a little keyhole scarf or something.