Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I Turn To You...

Thanks to all my friends who reminded me of all those great imaginary times we've spent together. Since that day with Kim, I always have stitchmarkers on me in case any crackheads get out of line on the train.

I'm still knitting away, but in the midst of the Christmas vacation 'Apartment Furniture Relocation Project', I misplaced the Snowball's Chance Scarf. Only yesterday did I stumble across it's hiding place. In the face of being momentarily projectless, I casted on for two other projects using some stash sock yarn. No, I'm not making a pair of Jaywalkers. I love the Grumperina, but I am in no way a sock knitter. I mean did you see that duck footed booty I made?
Seriously. Seriously.
To your left, is the water bottle holder from Knit Wit, which will be a fabulous accessory whilst I become a Svelt Superstarra. The other is a third, yes a third Clapotis. Don't expect much posting about Clapo-tres, we all know what it looks like by now. I will say, however, this pattern is appealing to me because it alleviates the one thing I dislike about variegated yarn: the I-love-this-yarn-in-a-hank-but-I-hate-how-this-yarn-pools disappointment I usually get. The dropped stitches make cute little striped rows! Aw.

Now a call out to all my movie-watching friends. Like I said, in my acting class, our focus is film technique. My scene partner is awesome, but the scenes we have are lacking. If you can think of a fabulous two woman scene from a contemporary film, leave me a comment. Anything 20 to 30 something age range. Comedy. Serious. Serio-Comedy. Dramedy. Whatever. I know you've listened to some great movies while knitting.