Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm A Survivor

I survived my weekend.

It wasn't that bad, it was just tiresome. A tiresome weekend. Not that I wanted to come to work either. I wish that instead of working today I could have a do-over weekend.

With my restarted new year, I worked out yesterday. OUCH! It was an Afro-Brazilian dance class which just about kicked my ass. I knew I was in bad shape when I started feeling sore last night. Usually it takes a day or so! Boy, will my abs be ready for summer tho! I'm thinking of yoga-ing it today so I can stretch out.

Speaking of summer abs, Maggie is almost done! I'm working on the front section and dare I say should have the whole thing done before the end of the week?

Finished Object means NEW PROJECT! I think that it's going to be the Zippered Cardigan #17 from VK Holiday 2005. Lauren posted hers and of course my girlfriend said that I could make one just like it for her. She asked for grey, which works out perfectly since I have a really soft silver merino which will be lovely. And if she doesn't like it, guess who's gonna have a brand new sweater?