Friday, January 27, 2006

Progess or The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'm so happy this week is over. Nothing about it was particularly bad, there was just something in the air that made it strange. For example, it has been bedlam on the yard as the Children of America attempt to reenact scenes from Fight Club. The adults have been intolerable. Yesterday three little girls asked me if Muslims were evil.** Even the Principal's toilet overflowed, spilling water into the Main Office. It's almost like the Plagues of Egypt over here.

Regardless, I have made personal strides in my knitting. I have been working on Snowball's and have finished all the I just have 50 or so inches of plain scarf to go. I also finished Maggie's sleeves and am now working on the front. I feel so accomplished! Even though I've done quite a bit, I think that I might cast on for a project that utilizes needles bigger than 8. I want something fast. Dare I say chunky? These small needles are killing me.

Before I cut out early for premature weekend enjoyment, I want to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year. I also want to thank you for reading and for your sweet comments. [I want to reply, but the internet at home is acting crazy and the school district won't allow me to access gmail because of the possiblity of porn spam Gosh darn porn spammers!]. Superstarra-ville citizens are the best!

**To all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there, the answer was NO, Muslims are NOT evil! I do my part to keep the peace between all people and influence the Children of America positively.