Wednesday, January 18, 2006

January Doldrums

Does anyone else feel like they are in a knitting limbo? I'm tired of knitting gifts for others to enjoy and I really do want to get rid of some of the stash yarn that is weighing me down [and more importantly keeping me from guiltlessly buying 10 balls of Calmer]. So, I'm trying to find something that I love and something that will use up what I already have. Before the holiday season, I noticed that the Rowan Site has a great offer of 4 magazines for around about $20. So, I had to order it, right? From Rowan #31, I am knitting up Maggie, you can see her to the left, from some lovely wine colored alpaca. I'm going to sport this, accessorized by my 6 pack abs [as soon as I lose the blubber covering them]. I guess that means I need to get back into yoga class.

In other news, The Snowball's Chance in Hell Scarf is still MIA! I'm hoping that I left it at Mom and Pop Superstarra's house, if not I'm out 2 balls of yarn and some pretty cool size 5 needles! DAMN! I'll find out this weekend when I stop by on my way to see my cousin playing Othello at his college. I'm not the only Superstarra in the family!

I'm also still working on the waterbottle holder. The size 3's were making my wrist hurt, so I had to take a break. Thank god Maggie's knit on size 5's.

What am I thinking?