Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's Goin On

Ah, some knitting acquisitions from before the holidays that I just haven't had time to show off. First off, Rebecca 31. I know everyone has it already. Hello, the new one is already out! I love quite a few patterns in this book, I can't wait to give them a try! High on the list is the Cable Wrap and the off the shoulder Pale Blue Sweater. I think that Rebecca is slowly but surely taking over my love of the Rowan. Is it just me or has Rowan been a little out there lately?

The Deal. Here are the 4 Rowan mags that I ordered. For the price it's totally worth it. I'm loving the two books on the left -- 30 and 31. The other two are okay, but the patterns are kind of basic. I'm sure something will tickle my fancy one of these days.

And from the Rowan 31, here's Maggie. Just the humble beginnings of a sweet sweater. My only struggle with it is short sleeves = cool; alpaca = warm. Definitely a breezy Spring sweater, right? Or a shady Summer sweater? We'll see.

And yes, a Karma, a bra with Maggie is a requirement.