Monday, March 27, 2006

I Don't Like Mondays...

Happy Monday!
I'm recovering from my busy, busy weekend. Wanna know what I did? Sure you do! And you'll love it and be jealous.

On Saturday, I met up with some friends at Lady Effie's Tea Palor. It was such a wonderful experience! We had tea, sandwiches, sweet treats and good conversation. If you have the chance to go, please do. Smoochy and I have already decided to have a little family get together there. And if you do go...order a pot of the Tahitian won't regret it.

From there, I jetted across town to another screening of my film. And yes, I basked in the glow of my admiring public. Just kidding. This screening was a showcase for up and coming African American female directors. It was a diverse group of films and there are many talented directors in our midst. Afterward, I received many compliments on the film and my work [enter admiring public, cue glow] . I was also pretty stoked because my cousin and an actor that I really admire came to see it. Go me!

Sunday I met up with Smoochy and we did a little outlet shopping. I bought a pair of red plaid Jack Purcell Converse and Smoochy a really cute linen dress. After that, we stuffed our faces while getting caught up with a friend who had drama, drama, drama to share. Then we went over to a friends to watch the season finale of the L Word. I'm so mad at SHANE!!! Grrr...anyway...
I realized that there has been a lack of actual knitting content lately. I have been knitting ... no, really. Mermaid is coming along nicely, I'm on the front's last repeat before I decrease for the armholes. I think I can make it that far by tonight. I'm also still working on the Snowball's Chance scarf. The needle size makes it very slow, but it's coming along. I'm also still chipping away at the Water Bottle Holder. I put two different sized bottles in it to judge how much more of this size 3 in the round sock weight yarn double pointed needle nightmare I have to do. It's measuring about 6 inches [the pattern says to stop at 7] so far. The first picture is the 1 pint water bottle size and the second is the 1 liter. I think that I'll knit for another inch and start in on the strap. I hope to get some pictures of my other long suffering WIP's for your awe-inspiring pleasure. Aren't you loving it? Aren't you jealous?