Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Time Waster

Smoochy sent me the most wonderful time waster this morning and I must share it with you. You can go to this site, upload a photo of yourself and it will tell you which celebrities you look like.

One picture didn't match with anyone. I guess that's good, since I want to get my face out there and don't want comparisons to anyone else.

The other photo had the following matches:
Shania Twain...Man, I feel like a woman...
Kristin Kruek...She's part Asian, I'm part Asian...I'm feelin that...
Serena Williams...She's Black, I'm part Black...I promise to have better fashion sense tho...
Celina Jaitley...Who?
Beyonce...Will I be able to dance in 4" heels now? Is the bling in the mail?
Sandra Bullock...Can I get that dress with the pockets now?

Also, I saw this on MSN and when I read the description of this piece, I had to ask, WHY?!?!?! That's just foul.