Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm Beginning To Sound Like A Deadbeat Knitter

Well no seaming last night. We went out and I've learned from everyone's blogs over the past year that knitting and alcohol don't mix, so I decided to put it off one more day.

What's one more day between a girl and a new purse?
One day too long.

Well, Project Runway is over. I'm happy that Chloe won. I'm happy for her. I totally support my Asian sisters. BUT I WANTED DANIEL V. TO WIN!!! I'm bummed he didn't, but it was too cool that Michael Kors [The King of Women's Sportswear] offered him a job on the spot.

Chloe has some great color and fabric choices, but her pieces didn't really do it for me. The puffy sleeves and hems are just a little to 8th grade for me. I will agree with the judges that she did have some interesting seam lines. I just felt that Daniel's collection was so much more appealing. That white coat is to die for and I love that floral print with the satiny skirt. Very sexy. He has a huge future. Maybe he'll start a line with Nick!

I would be their biggest fan.