Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Break: The Epilogue

Well kids, its all over and done with. No more Spring Break. *sigh*

The first day back wasn't too bad; I feel that I was able to accomplish more than I usually do on a Monday morning. Maybe it was the super-fortified oatmeal I had this morning.

So in recap:
I wasn't able to complete my screenplay. But in a week [well actually about 4 days] of writing I was able to get about half of it done. Not too shabby. I wish I would have been a little more focused...I could have completed it. I will continue to work on it though. It's been a very cathartic experience.

Baby Cancer's Sweater is 1/3 done. Ooops. Didn't finish that either. I did get the back done, which is a big accomplishment. I thought that shower was in two weeks, but it's not until next month.

Baby Virgo's Gift...did I start that? [S]he isn't due until September. I'm still deciding on yarn. This one is on hold for a little while longer.

Comfort Gifts I and II - Mission Accomplished. I guess with these I'm going to have to say it's truly the thought that counts.

I'm going to give myself until the end of this month to finish up the screenplay and the Baby Cancer's sweater [which will mean putting the doll down so I can concentrate]. Then we return to our regularly scheduled kntting.