Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring Break: A Prelude

Nothing really accomplished other than feeding my face. My plan for the day is to work on a rough outline before I start writing on Monday. At first, I wasn't sure if I should just jump in and start writing or if I should have an outline guideline; my final conclusion is that it will be better to do that latter. That way, hopefully, I'll keep myself from going off on too many weird tangents or getting lost as to where the story is going.

I'm at a crossroads with Wrap #1. I finished it and it's a bit...snug. Since I'm fairly broad-shouldered and it laces on one side, I think it should be fine. I also realize now that I should have gone up one needle size [from dowel to broomstick], since it's a little stiff. Don't get me wrong though, I'm kinda diggin' on the R2 rag. It's fun stuff. The pooling is even pleasing me...which as you know, is difficult to do.

I'm deciding whether to:
1. Wash, block and see how it looks after.
2. Frog, reknit and see how it looks after.
3. Frog and try it again with something else.

I'm going to decide in a few. I think that some other distraction is going to keep me from working. Did someone say purse shopping? Damn. Well, there's still 11 hours in the day.