Sunday, April 23, 2006

What Is The Sound Of One Hand Clapping?

Dolly, Dolly, Dolly. It's all Dolly all the time here in Superstarra-ville. I feel a little silly when people ask me what I'm knitting and I say I'm making a doll. They seem to dismiss it, probably never thinking she was going to be mine, all MINE! Anyway, I bound off the body Friday night, and started and finished arm #1 this weekend. In anticipation of being done, done, done; I bought her innards. And I bought the big bag o' guts since there's more dollies and toys in my future. Maybe it'll be faster if I employ her hand in knitting process...aren't three hands better than one?

I saw this on MSN...I kinda like Lindsay, so I thought it was cute. The Fashion Police said it was accessory overload. I doubt she made it herself, so I'm sure some knitter out there had fun making it for her. :) If you wanna be cute like Lindsay, here's your pattern link.