Friday, May 05, 2006

Ah, The Jetsetting Lifestyle

Well I'm in for another busy weekend. While most of the knitters you know will be going to Sheep Fest, I'm jetting off to Indiana. Yes, Indiana. My girl's mom is graduating from college, so we're spending our weekend celebrating her.

Poppy asked if she could come along, and I gave in...who can resist that face?...especially since I could literally pack her in my suitcase. I think it was just a ploy on her part to get some clothes. So, being a good mommy, I'm knitting up a little dress in some leftover Calmer. How is it she has clothes in Calmer before me? Whatever. Yes, I'm bitter. I guess if I could make a sweater or dress out of a single ball, my wardrobe would be filled...but no such luck.

I'm hoping we can sneak a quick trip to Chicago to go to the Weber Grill good.

Well, regardless of where your going: Maryland, Europe, Vegas or the corner store, have a great weekend...and be safe!