Thursday, May 04, 2006

And Now Introducing...

Miss Poppy Sassypants

Well, here she is in all her glory. She was a little shy during her first photoshot, but we were able to get a few good shots before the sun went down. Here are her vital stats.


Pattern: Gestrickte Puppe #12 from Rebecca Kids and Baby No. 6
Yarn: GGh Bali for body, bit stash yarn for hair, eyes and mouth
Needles: DPN size 1...stolen from my mom who had inherited from a neighbor.
Exposition: It's been a labor of love to say the least...and I LOVE my doll! She's the cutest thing evah!

For the most part, the knitting was straightforward. Does anyone else get confused with Rebecca's directions? It's like their speaking German or something. Ha.Ha.Ha. Well, I referenced other toy patterns for assembly; winged it for the hair, eyes, and mouth; and asked the amazing Skinny Dancin' Rabbit for stuffing advice.
Here is a horrible picture of Poppy's head. I used two different colored yarns. One is a burnt orange on the brownish side and the other a bright orange. Since the yarns are different thicknesses, she has more depth to her highlights. I wasn't sure how to sew her hair to her head [besides that's kinda cruel], so I just made sure the strands were pulled even, braided and tacked. I may have to figure out how to sew down her bangs though. Her eyes and mouth gave me more of a problem. I was unsatisfied with how the embroidery floss was looking, so I used leftover stands of yarn and satin stitched.

I'm so happy she's I can finish those lingering projects, but Poppy's mad because she's off to Nude Nude-ville Nudist Academy. Is it cruel to let your dolly go nekkid? I may have to make her something to wear, expecially if she comes on my upcoming trip with me. I refuse to be the freak carrying around a nekkid doll.