Friday, June 23, 2006

Juror #7: Defender Of Truth, Justice...And The American Way

Well I'm all done with jury duty...and back at work [*groan*]. I'm not-so-secretly happy that I missed the last few days with The Children Of America...but a little upset that I missed all the end of year parties.

Regardless, I'm happy that I served and am confident that we came to the right verdict...GUILTY!

With my civic duty and Apricot's knitting completed, I'm planning on blocking and seaming tonight. If my plan works out, Apricot will make her debut tomorrow night at an outdoor concert. Perfect event for a new sweater! Of course, one completed project means starting something new, right? I'm currently swatching and trying to figure out what will be my next travelling project will be. Althought I should be working on something from the Spring/Summer list, the siren's song is causing me to deviate from my plans. I do need...and will...start devoting more time and effort to exepect to see some inpirational and amazing work in progress pictures! I guess that means I need to dig it out, right?