Sunday, June 25, 2006

Did Somebody Say Apricot?

Okay, so it didn't make it's debut last night, but it's done! You won't ever have to hear about how much want to make this sweater ever again! Now presenting...A COMPLETED APRICOT JACKET!


Pattern: Apricot Jacket from Rebecca #27
Yarn: Rowan All Season Cotton in Purr
Needles: Susan Bates Silverado size 8
Exposition: Of course I love this sweater. I still need to decide on buttons and button placement, but other than that I'm very happy with the results. It's such a beautiful design.

First off, there are many erratas. Almost everyone who has made this sweater has run into some problem. If you haven't made this pattern yet, definitely read up for before you start. You will have less of a headache in the long run. The edge stitch is what threw me off, until I recieved some help. It seems every knitter's experience of this sweater and it's problems have been different, but the resources available are invaluable. Just google 'apricot jacket' and check out the individual blogs or check out the Craftster thread. It will also give you ideas as to good yarn substitutions.

I substituted Rowan's All Season Cotton for the GGh Java and what can I say about this yarn? Other than I love, love, love it, I don't know. I love the lavendar color and the feel of the yarn has made it one of my favorite yarns to work with. It's a great weight for any kind of mild weather.

I'm still considering closure for this sweater. I'm not sure if the crochet buttonholes is the right choice for me. I'm going to do a little looking around to see what will work best. I also need to find some interesting buttons. I have some mother of pearl buttons that will do in a pinch, but I'm thinking that I want something with a little more...oomphf.

Overall, I'd have to say, regardless of all the pain endured during the making of this sweater has been worth it.