Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It's been a crafty few days around Superstarra-ville, let me tell you. I'll just have to comment as we go along. Are you ready for the vacation slideshow? Okay, here we go, dim the lights!


Remember how I was trying to finish knitting French Market before our Sunday Trip to Mom and Dad's? Well, I finished the handle grafting after demolishing a fish, crab and shrimp dinner. Smoochy models the prefelted goodness. I was practically in a food coma, so prefelted measurements were not taken at the time of this picture.

It felted in a short amount of time, but it took FOREVER to dry. It's still a little damp. I used a cardboard box for shaping and want to find something that will fit in the bottom so it stays that way, since it's really floppy right now. This is my first felting experiement where I can't see any stitch definition. I'll probably give it a little shave to take care of those unwanted hairs.

Poppy enjoying the new French Market Bag.

This wad of nastiness was found in the bottom of the pillowcase I used to keep me from having to clean out Mom and Dad's machine.

After the felting experiment was complete, I begged Mom [Ok, I just asked twice] to teach me to crochet. It was much easier than expected. This is my first ever crochet swatch. I learned to do single, double and treble crochet stitches. Mom said I was making my stitches to tight. I blamed the nasty acrylic yarn that was removing my finger's top layer of skin. I'm still working with holding the yarn comfortably so that I can control my tension.

For good measure, I also asked Mom about crocheting a circle. It was too tight, so it turned into a sombrero. It could have been a hat for Poppy, but it's a little too small [and she refused to model it].


Sewing has been quite big around Blogger-town and Superstarra-ville is catching on to the trend.
Yesterday Smoochy and I had a sewing party. Here are two of the things that we made.

I've had this fabric since college. If I remember correctly, it followed me home one day after sewing class in the costume lab. I'm not sure what it is, I just love the stripes and the floral border. I always planned to do something with it...but what?

Why a Miss Twiss Hustle Bustle! Thank you Miss Twiss for being so sweet for sending me the pattern! It was so perfect on the paper that I couldn't bear to cut the pattern out. So I didn't! Since I didn't have much of the fabric, I just took a few measurements, sewed a few seams, found a matching ribbon and was good to go! The border meant no hemming [which is always the bane of my existence...I can never seem to get an even hem].

You'll have to excuse the protruding belly...that Eggs Florentine breakfast from Toast was so damn good!

Here's my pretty bustle. I am so making more of these! I like the bustle pulled over to the side, which was very cute also.

We also made cute eyelet dress. Again, we utilized a pretty border which meant no hemming! it's a little lower than I would normally wear, hence the tank underneath. It will be perfect for going to the beach and really kept me cool today. Yea eyelet!

A side view...a bra really isn't an option.

And if you didn't notice in the above picture, Poppy has a new dress too. One that covers everything!