Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Ugh. Where do I start? Knitting...oh yeah, that.

I'm feeling like I'm in the middle of two endless projects. First off, Butterfly...I was making a lot of progress, but that was two weeks ago. I just haven't been able to donate much time to it because my knitting time seems so limited lately [and since that pattern takes more concentration than I'm afforded on my daily commute...which is much shorter!]. The Amazing Lace's finish line is coming up soon, so I need to get to work ! I will definitely make it my weekend project.

My second endless project is pictured four posts below. Yes, I started Rowan Soul. Since it's a tube top, you'd think I'd be flying, but all the cabling is really slowing me down. Beyond that, had a sticking point that was killing me. That last week went something like this:
1. Knit
2. Notice mistake.
3. Attempt to correct mistake.
4. Frog back to correct mistake correction.
5. Knit.
6. Notice something else wrong.
7. Frog back.
8. Realize mistake could have been corrected more simply and frogging was unnecessary.
9. Correct.
10. Rinse, repeat.

So, having close to a week of having to correct mistakes is really breaking me with this one. I was thinking that I needed a break from this knitting and just wanted something quick and easy and...CROCHET! I had brainstorm this morning...the perfect yarn/pattern pairing.

Also, wish me luck, I have an audition for a play on Saturday morning! It's a 'The Importance of Being Earnest' which is not only an hilarious play, but an amazing opportunity! AUGH!!!! No knitting/crocheting tonight, I've gotta go reread the play...