Monday, August 07, 2006

Priorities 1-6

Hi kids!

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. I had a nice one. We had lunch at Todai with the parents and Smoochy, then hung out at the house for a few hours before coming home. Good times abounded.

As for my audition, I have good news! I was cast in the play [as Lady Bracknell, for those of your familiar with it]! Knitting, unfortunately, is going to take a back seat to getting off book and rehearsals. There are a lot of complicated words and a limited amount of time to memorize. And although I'll only appear in 2 of the 3 acts, my character likes to talk...A LOT.

So, although my knitting progess will be slowed down [moreso than it already has], I'm not mad that I'm starting off my thirty-...I mean twenty-something-ish year performing in a theatrical piece.

Sorry, can't think of something clever to wrap up this post. I'm saving my creativity for the stage. Hey, there's your button!