Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On The Hunt

Well, my temp job at the Tragic Kingdom has come to an end. They had given me two weeks notice, and since the person they hired on permanently was an overachiever and didn't cc: me on any of the work orders, I spent my time sending out my resume. I've been getting a few responses, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Beyond that, I'm going to take my days to try to get organized and get all my fall knitting plans in order. My biggest problem is which project to start first?!?!

Speaking of fall knitting, the Cable KAL is having such a great response! I was almost expecting it to just be Jennifer and me, but we have Siow Chin from Hong Kong and even my own personal knitting hero, all the way from Lyon, France...yes...the Skinny Rabbit! Too cool!

Well, time to send out some more resumes...and pick up some laundry that's been sitting around since the dawn of time. Ugh. Laundry. Maybe the laundry can wait one more day while I go to the beach or something.