Friday, September 08, 2006

Strange, But True

Yes, I'm still alive. Acting, but not knitting. The hours are ticking away to opening night and I don't feel ready at all. I'm still a little shaky and really feel like we could use another week of rehearsal. However, the show must go on, and I'm sure that it will be amazing. Live theatre is always amazing, isn't it? Let's just hope the audience doesn't fall asleep. Kidding, I'm kidding, although I did almost doze off during the second act...kidding again, I'm not even on stage! Theatre humor...I know it's not funny.

I am planning on getting back to knitting very soon, although my two current summer projects will most likely be temporarily abandoned for more exciting fall projects.

Let's look back and look forward, shall we?

Superstarra-ville's '06 Spring Cleaning Stashbuster-ama and Summer Stitch Fest

Lace Revisited: Butterfly was the project and The Amazing Lace was the KAL. My yen for this project has really waned. I do want to finish it, but will need to dig deep to find the motivation to complete it.
Knitting with beads: Just didn't happen. Odessa will probably be the project, but it's not a top priority.
Argyle: FALL, Fall, fall!
Bobbles: FALL, Fall, fall!
Apricot Jacket: FINISHED, although I still need to find some buttons.
Mermaid Mesh: FINISHED!
Hopeful I have kinda fallen out of love with this project. I may or may not revisit later.
Saun's Ruby: FINISHED! Did I ever post pictures of this one?
Rowan's Soul: In progress...may be finished some time before next summer.
French Market Bag: FINISHED!

I'm feeling pretty good about my accomplishments this past spring/summer and looking forward to some fall/winter knitting. All I can say is: wool, Wool, WOOL! I'm going to put the finishing touches on my list and shall reveal my cool weather motivations very soon!