Saturday, October 07, 2006


On Jeopardy, this category would normally be a scattering of different subjects, which is exactly what this post is going to be. Hmmm...a moment of brilliance...I think that we should all use 'Potpourri' as a post title when we have a lot to post, about nothing in particular, just to warn our readers of what's to come. Feel free to use and spread around, citizens, but remember who the innovator is...

Okay...first off, I just want to thank all my wonderful blogging friends who came to my rescue with this Rebecca chart thing. Jody was a darling and even made up a new [more readable] chart. What a sweetie! I think that I'm going to do a few different variations and go with what I like best.

Since the Cable Wrap and her friend, Rebecca, are not cooperating, they've been thrown into knitting limbo [aka The French Market Bag]. I have, instead, shacked up with my cable equivalent of a mistress, Rowan Soul. We've made some great progress too! I've finished all the increases and am now knitting straight for another 10 cm before the little ribbing action and the big bind off!

Speaking of my separation for Rebecca, I'm telling you, I'm about one step away from breaking up with her FOREVER [or at least until she comes out with another sweater that I can't live without]. So annoying! I tell her over and over that I love her innovative, hip patterns, her interesting yarns, and her chic and her beautiful painfully, thin, slightly lesbionic German models...but our communications is waaaay off. I'm giving her one more chance. One more.

Next on the ramble is Poppy. Poppy is feeling a little left out. She's been telling me that I'm letting her fan base down by not letting her appearing on the blog more often. So, to appease her, I'm going to try to let her handle her own post at least once a week. Who am I to keep the McSassypants from her adoring public?

What else? My show is coming to an end. Thank the LORD! I'm so ready for it to be done! Not that it hadn't been a wonderful's just been...well...time to move on to something else. I have been auditioning, which is exciting. It's nice to actually be out there.

Ugh, this is getting too long. I think it's time to get to bed. This rambling can't be good or interesting to anyone other than me. :)