Monday, October 02, 2006

Who Has Time To Even Think About Knitting Christmas Gifts? More Selfish Knitting Ahead...

The wonderful Erica B. has just pointed out that the Vogue Holiday Preview is up. I normally don't blog about magazines previews, since most of my blogging friends do. I usually just leave it to their expertise to post the cream of the crop. This sweater*, however, could not be passed up. Isn't it amazing? Love at first sight. Now I normally, and will continue, to reserve judgement until the magazine arrives on my doorstep, but for right now, this baby just might squeeze its way into the fall knitting list.

And speaking of stow-aways on the Fall list, Karma reminded me of another sweater that had me at 'click here for link' and is currently downloaded to the computer and awaiting printing.

Now, I've got to go sit by the mailbox waiting for the postal worker to come and deliver my Vogue Holiday issue.

*It's amazing on that twig of a woman who truly needs a snack.