Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stay of Frog-ecution


Borrowing Arygle To Pay Cable

So I was talking to the Smooch-ster about my plans of frogging Cruise in order the make the cable wrap. Whilest on the phone, I did a few calculations and figgured out that yardage-wise I'd be short by about a ball. DRAT! So that idea goes out the window. Cruise gets a stay of frog-ectuion and gets to stick around for another season.

In a funk, I decided to pull my fall project yarn. A solution has presented itself! When I bought Knitpicks Mainline for the argyle vest, I had ordered extra balls because I was thinking that I wanted a sweater rather than a vest. At less than $2, I didn't give it a second thought...I knew the yarn would be used regardless. Well, it's going to be used for the cabled sweater! I have more than enough to make the sweater, so I'm robbing agyle to pay cable...and since I got the yarn on sale, it's only going to cost me $30 rather than $400. Good choice, huh?