Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Knitting Chi Is Flowing!

I've taken quite a break from knitting over the past few months, but I feel back...and with a vengance! First off, I've finished Nik's The Rebulic Hat.


Pattern: Nik's The Republic [free download on her website], supercute knock of a $50 Banana Republic cashmere beanie
Yarn: Rowan Cork
Needles: Random 10 1/2" circulars and 10 1/2 bamboo DPNs.
Exposition: Like I had said, I had seen and tried on this hat while on a shopping excursion. At the time, I thought about knocking it off since the construction seemed pretty straightforward. Thank you, Nik, for doing all the hard work for me!

I followed the pattern, except for taking the button band down to about 1 1/2" I think that I should have gone down to a size 10, but I only had 10 1/2 and I didn't have $$$ to buy new needles. We'll see how much it stretches after a wash. It's so cute, no?

Now on to other stuff...
Meet the inspiration to my new project! You may know her as Poppy Sassypants, but right now she only answers to 'Miss Knitting Muse' [her importance as far as the project is concerned has certainly gone to her head]. I was tosssing around ideas of a fun and quick knit gift to make when inspiration struck! All thanks to Poppy...I mean Miss Knitting Muse [don't you love her Greek Goddess inspired pose? I told her the bird was overkill, but she refused to listen]! I'm in the process of working out/adapting the pattern. I think that it should be really cute. I'm kinda of first pattern! I should have something to show in the next day or two. Yippeee!!!

Back to creating!