Friday, December 01, 2006

Tell Me What You Think


Pattern: The Poppy Ornament [pattern modified from the Rebecca Kids and Baby #8 doll pattern]
Yarn: GGH Bali, leftover orange yarn and embroidery floss
Needles: size 1 DPNs stolen from mom
Exposition: I was contemplating knitting ornaments when I glanced up and there was Poppy...hmmm...maybe I could knit a mini Poppy head as an ornament. Hmmm...maybe I could make little ornaments that look like my nieces. How cute would that be?

So, in a fit of inspirations, I broke out the Rebecca doll instructions and made a few modifications to the existing pattern [BTW: what percentage of adjustments do you have to make before you can say it's a new pattern?].

Now, the question is...does this remind you of a shruken head [which is morbid and does not scream Christmas] or a just cute ornament or Miss Sassypants, Knitting Muse?