Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Down To The Wire...

The Cable Wrap is still in the corner...can you believe it? It may not be ready for Christmas Eve. No biggie, because I've gotten so many other things done. My Christmas shopping and wrapping is practically finished, I've mailed off my two nieces Poppy Ornaments and I've rearranged my desk and knitting projects. I feel accomplished for not being so accomplished.

I'm still hoping to get to it this week...along with starting a Argosy scarf for my oldest sister. I even bought some Noro Silk Garden Lite in color 2014. I'm excited to try this yarn. I think that she'll like the colorway, if not she can always send it back to me. And since it's a birthday gift [her birthday is December 31st], I have another week...but regardless, it's not going to get there on time. I did, snip a little length off to send to her, so she knows something good is in the works.

Everyone have fun with the finishing touches of your Christmas preparations and I wish a Happy Channakah to those in the midst of their celebrations.